September 3

Get the Most from Remote Employees with IT Consulting in Long Island

Businesses that have been maneuvered into remote IT protocols should consider working with IT consulting professionals in Long Island. IT experts can do everything from specific niche technology management to total tech solutions, depending on your needs.

Specific Remote Advantages

Through the right IT consulting partner in Long Island, you can save time and money in the initialization and management of remote operational infrastructure–something increasingly necessary in the synthesized “new normal” we must contend with owing to COVID-19. A few things IT consulting specialists can help you with in this area include:

Establishing VPN Solutions

IT consulting experts can help you determine if your business should make the transition to a Virtual Private Network. VPN solutions allow employees to complete and submit work on your primary network from wherever they’ve got a trusted internet connection.

SMBs may not need one initially, but if they expand, they will eventually; consultation through the right tech group can help you determine if this step is right for your business.

‘Round-The-Clock Tech Support and Cutting-Edge Security

Remote operations expand vulnerability surface areas. Without effective technical support around the clock, and the latest security, you’re wide open to cyber attack. When you make a move toward remote infrastructure, it’s fundamental to properly design security and support solutions.

Mobile Device Management (MDM), Including Monitoring

A managed services provider in Long Island can also help you institute Mobile Device Management. MDM involves monitoring, troubleshooting, restricting, updating, and verifying devices remotely, through the centralized location of your MSP.

This can save you from being impacted by cybercrime or error. Monitoring catches anomalies proactively, allowing protection measures to be immediately implemented.

Getting the Most from Remote Infrastructure

Our IT consulting team in Los Angeles can help you set up networks virtually, find support for your operations around the clock, and secure proper MDM protocols. To learn more about remote operational infrastructure, reach out to us at Total Technology Solutions!

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