September 21

Determining If Your IT Support Provider in Long Island Can Securely Handle Your Business

Your IT support provider in Long Island should provide protection, enablement, and competitive edge in quantities which justify their ongoing expense. Not all MSPs do this. Maybe your MSP does, maybe it doesn’t; but if you’re not sure, it’s worthwhile to reevaluate.

What You Should Be Getting

Your IT support provider in Long Island should provide greater value than associated expense, but that value isn’t always direct. While most businesses will have their own unique IT “footprint”, a few things to expect in common as pertains to effective MSP solutions include the following:

Effective Tools for the Security of Your Network

Your IT provider shouldn’t bring sub-par technology to the operational table. You should be getting the tools necessary for network security now, and tomorrow. Yesterday’s options won’t work, as technology exponentially expands, and old security is rife with vulnerability.

Proper Documentation for Operations, Recovery, and Upgrade

When systems crash, that should be documented. Day-to-day operations should also be effectively documented by the right MSP, and information pertaining to what your specific business will need for fullest functionality should be documented as well. If your MSP isn’t documenting anything, that’s a red flag.

BDR Solutions and Appropriate Round-The-Clock Monitoring

Your IT outsourcing service provider in Long Island should have backup and disaster recovery (BDR) solutions ready to apply to your business. Also, they should be able to monitor your operation around-the-clock as a means of assuring security even during “off-hours”. Such times are common vectors cybercriminals may use to malign your business or steal data.

Determining If Existing Managed Services Are Sufficient, and Upgrading

Total Technology Solutions is an IT support provider in Los Angeles that can help you get the right tools, effectively document operations, recover in emergencies, and monitor operations continuously. If your present MSP solution isn’t doing these things, we can help you get the security you need. To learn more, contact us.

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