September 22

IT Consulting in Long Island: Making Your IT Infrastructure as Invulnerable as Possible to Cybercrime

IT consulting professionals in Long Island strongly advise businesses to develop and implement disaster recovery policies. Technological operation is such that there’s a greater likelihood you’ll have multiple operational issues than that you won’t.

How to Manage Risks

IT companies in Long Island can help you develop backup strategies and more efficiently manage risks. There are a number of different considerations here. In this writing, we’ll cover three generalities of strong backup solutions:

1. Steer Clear of Backup Plans That Charge by the Gigabyte

IT consulting experts in Long Island advise, firstly, that you avoid any backup plan with a gigabyte charging structure. Usually, they work like this: you get up to a certain level of gigabytes, and then expenses change as you reach your limit.

Owing to how data works, and its exponentiation over time, you’ll have unpredictable monthly costs under CPG (Cost Per Gigabyte) backup plans. Seek alternatives; consultation through the right MSP can help you find the best ones.

2. Get a Step Beyond Backup Software Designed for Consumers

Consumer-grade backup software isn’t designed for big-ticket business needs. While it may work, it’s likely going to have greater vulnerability tending toward a malfunction. A variety of industrial options exist, consult with IT professionals to see what your best options are.

3. Incorporate Professional DRaaS Solutions, Test Backup Infrastructure

IT professionals also recommend Disaster Recovery as a Service, or DRaaS, solutions to maintain network infrastructure in the wake of a disaster. Business continuity solutions run through professional DRaaS, and tested at regular intervals, will secure operations more efficiently than solutions designed on-site often can.

Managed IT Provides Better Disaster Protection

Our IT consulting team in Long Island can help you find alternatives to CPG backup, backup software of higher quality than what consumer-grade provides, and the right DRaaS solutions. To learn more, contact us.

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