September 24

Safeguard Your Business Against Common Fraud Trends with IT Consulting in Long Island

IT consulting in Long Island may represent your best means of securing operations against fraud. Fraud is a big problem in modern society–not just for technology infrastructure; but that’s what we’ll look at here.

Specific Measures to Watch For

IT outsourcing in Long Island can help you identify and safeguard against known vectors where there’s a lot of fraud. Several threats you need to be aware of include:

Compromised Universities, Dark Web Credit Card Theft

Educational institutions often have data breaches, and those breaches are sometimes leaking information for days. Because of the data contained in such areas, there’s a collateral domino effect that can impact international companies.

Similarly, credit card fraud through information sold on the dark web has a long history of impacting individuals and businesses. Working with IT consulting experts in Long Island can help establish effective safety measures.

Identity Fraud via Fabrication–The Long Con

It often takes five months to establish a false digital profile online. Think of it as the digital “long con”. Specific indicators reveal if someone is doing this, MSPs help determine how to identify such false profiles.

Ransomware and ATO (Account Take Over)

IT support providers can provide antivirus software and employee training to prevent ransomware or Account Take Over (ATO). ATO transpires when an account, at the enterprise, individual, or affiliate level, gets taken over and used to steal information or resources.

Actions to Reduce Fraud

Having IT consulting in Long Island can help you avoid data being impacted by universities with either lax or unscrupulous practices, avoid dark web credit card compromise, identity fraud compromise, ransomware, or ATO. To learn more about common fraud and how best to avoid being compromised by it throughout your company, contact us at Total Technology Solutions.

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