September 27

IT Consulting on Long Island: Understanding Layered Security

Dealing with cyber security threats is a major issue for all types of businesses, which is why many turn to IT consulting professionals on Long Island to stay proactive against these threats. One way to boost IT security for your business is by adopting a layered security approach. Multi-layered security gives your company a greater level of protection against IT threats. IT helps to work with IT professionals to help you develop a multi-layered approach for maximizing data security and keeping downtime to a minimum.

Here is an overview of the different ways you can use multi-layered security in the workplace.


A firewall plays a key role in keeping your business safe against cyber threats. You can choose from a variety of firewalls for protection. Some firewalls are fairly simple, while others are much more complex and sophisticated. Using a firewall or unified threat management system provided by a managed IT services provider on Long Island is key to network security.

Email Filtering

Cybercriminals often target businesses through email, whether it’s a ransomware or phishing scheme. Many times end-point protection isn’t enough to keep an employee from opening an infected email or attachment. Using email filtering services is one of the best ways to reduce these risks.

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Data Encryption

Data encryption plays a vital role in limiting the chance of a data breach during a cybersecurity incident. Using this technology makes it nearly impossible for cybercriminals to understand this data, which helps to prevent information from falling into the hands of these criminals.

Web Filtering

The internet is a great resource, but it’s also an area where cybercriminals prey on unsuspecting users. Using web filtering services from an IT consulting firm on Long Island is one way to stay proactive against these threats. Web filtering ensures that your employees only visit safe sites, which helps to boost IT security and productivity.

Mobile Device Management

Many employees use personal devices for work-related activities. This is especially prevalent due to the rise in remote jobs. Understanding how to keep these devices secure is the main responsibility behind mobile device management. An IT provider will work with your team in developing a comprehensive mobile device management policy that best matches your needs.

Total Technology Solutions offers IT consulting services on Long Island and the surrounding areas. Our team understands the importance of using a multi-layered approach in boosting network security and limiting the chance of any data breaches. Contact us now to learn more about our IT services!

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