September 29

Brute Force Attacks Are Real; IT Support in Long Island Can Help You Design Protection Against Them

What Is a Brute Force Attack?

IT support specialists in Long Island can help you take many measures in protection against traditional cyberattacks; but brute force attacks are another story. Certainly, there are things you can do against them, we’ll cover them shortly. Essentially, a brute force attack is what it sounds like: trial and error used to break into a network by “guessing” logins.

How Can You Protect Yourself?

Managed IT services professionals in Long Island advise you establish renewable protocols as pertain to security, as the goal-posts of security in terms of digital options continuously move. Here’s a few steps worth taking:

Assure Staff Are Updated Periodically on Security

IT support experts in Long Island strongly advise you train staff regarding best security practices so vectors through which a brute force attack may proceed are continuously being blocked up. Try to do so at least once a year, if not quarterly.

Institute Password Protection Protocols and Management

Passwords should be long, complicated, and impossible to remember. They should similarly be refreshed with new configurations every couple of weeks. At minimum, renew passwords every month. At maximum, do it daily. Management as orchestrated through external means, like an MSP, make a lot of sense here.

Establish Continuous Monitoring Solutions

You need to find some way of monitoring your network to determine if there is any anomalous activity; this could indicate a brute force attack has successfully broken through your protections. MSPs do this very skillfully; at minimum they can help you find specific monitoring solutions if they don’t specifically offer as much.

Reducing Vulnerability and Impact of Bruce Force Hacks

Total Technology Solutions can help you establish monitoring controls, password management, and employee education solutions. Such options will help you secure your business against brute force attacks. To learn more about such protections and get your questions answered, contact our IT support team in Long Island.

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