October 11

How to Determine If Your IT Consulting Partner on Long Island Team Is Earning Its Keep

Technology is central to your business’s success. However, you might not be a tech enthusiast. If you are like most business owners and managers, you hand off your tech challenges to IT consultants. Unfortunately, you probably aren’t exactly sure as to whether your chosen IT consulting service provider on Long Island is actually worth the money. Here’s how to find out if your tech support crew is earning its keep.

Appoint Senior Leaders in Each Department

Identify individuals in each of your company’s departments who are worthy of serving in the role of a senior leader. Senior leaders provide feedback in terms of IT problems as well as overarching strategies for success. Obtain feedback from these department representatives in regard to the potential use of applications, performance alignment, feedback, and tech problems. If it becomes increasingly clear your current IT consulting team on Long Island is not worthy of your hard-earned money, do not hesitate to switch providers.

Annual and Quarterly Reviews

Review your IT partner’s performance at least once each quarter and also once again at the end of the year. If the provider is not handling ticket volume expeditiously, failing to provide the answers you are looking for, or not explaining technical jargon with words your team can understand, it is a sign they are unworthy of your business. Furthermore, your business also needs and deserves digital security reports, SLA reports, restoration verification information, and additional feedback. Otherwise, you won’t have reassurance that potentially costly and frustrating problems will not arise.

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Poll Your Team

You have everything to gain and nothing to lose by asking your team about the merits of your current Long Island IT support provider. If your team has negative feedback or if they hesitate to reach out to the IT helpdesk for guidance, it is a cause for concern. There is no need to hold lengthy meetings with each individual employee to evaluate your current IT services provider. Rather, you can email an IT survey to your employees and identify common threads throughout the feedback.

Is Your IT Team Really Making a Meaningful Difference?

What matters most is that your IT specialist helps advance your strategic priorities. If you are even slightly suspicious your current IT team’s services are not fully aligned with your intended aims, it is time to reassess the merit of these supposed tech gurus and consider switching to another provider that earns its keep.

Total Technology Solutions is on Your Side

If you are even slightly suspicious that your current IT consulting partner on Long Island is not worth your money, do not hesitate to change providers. Contact our tech experts today to schedule an initial consultation.

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