October 12

Network Security Explained by IT Support Experts on Long Island

Network security is often overshadowed by computer hardware security as the average person is inundated with ads and offers for antivirus software that protects towers, tablets, and laptops. However, network security is particularly important, especially for businesses. Fail to secure your network, and you will have quite the nightmare scenario on your hands. Here’s a quick look at network security from our IT support specialists on Long Island.

The Basics of Network Security

Network security refers to the process of protecting devices and their data as well as intellectual property. It is best to think of network security as an overarching term that implements all the safeguards necessary to protect your organization’s data in its entirety. Even slightly shady network activity should be quickly identified and addressed by your IT support team on Long Island. If your network is breached, you will lose your data as well as some clients and possibly even face legal ramifications.

Network Security Risks

Network security encompasses passwords, software, physical security, and even employee awareness. If your team has not yet been trained on the basics of network security, our managed IT support team on Long Island is here to provide that essential information. In particular, employees are typically unaware of the importance of password management and defending against phishing. Cyber miscreants will try all different combinations of usernames and passwords to breach a network. These evildoers will also send email messages, instant messages, and other correspondence, posing as an authority figure or other respected party in an attempt to convince employees to hand over highly sensitive information related to the company, login credentials, and banking information.

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Outdated software is a serious risk in the context of network security. Cybercriminals are now exploiting outdated software to gain entry into the system and wreak havoc. Even a seemingly minor exploit can provide complete access to your company’s sensitive data.

The Right Network Security Solutions for Your Business

Lean on our network security specialists for assistance so you won’t have to worry about your valuable data being improperly accessed, stolen, and sold. As an example, multifactor authentication that requires each employee to provide several passwords prior to accessing data is one line of defense. Data encryption will also help conceal your data so it cannot be understood until decrypted by the appropriate party.

We also have the inside scoop on the best antivirus software. Plenty of our clients rave about network segmentation that divides the primary network into distinct subnetworks. Our ongoing network monitoring is invaluable, identifying looming threats so they can be thwarted prior to improper data access or a potentially devastating digital attack.

When it comes to IT support on Long Island, Total Technology Solutions is lauded as the best. We are proud to provide IT support for all local businesses and organizations. Reach out to us today to find out more about our IT services.

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