October 13

Having IT Support in Long Island Is Essential in Avoiding Missteps in the Migration of Data

Data Migration Can Be Very Complex

IT support providers in Long Island have as one of their chief services data migration management. Especially with massive data sets, this can become all-important. Poor migration can hamstring your business. Imagine if some proprietary algorithm were lost. Unfortunately, negative impact is all too common.

The Mistakes Most Businesses Make As Regards Migration

IT services providers in Long Island deal with diverse clients who have varying degrees of success in data migration and varying needs. Regardless of the particular business “family”, there tend to be some common migration mistakes which bear consideration. These often include:

Not “Cleansing” Data In Advance of Migration

IT support experts in Long Island strongly advise cleansing data prior migration to avoid negative redundancies. Positive redundancies may include multiple backups. Negative redundancies may be in the form of bad aliases all over a given hard-drive backup image. Also, there can be hidden viruses. It’s imperative to cleanse data prior migration, and that’s hard without professional assistance.

Moving Forward Without Using the Service of Tech Professionals

On that note, if you’re not working with professionals, you don’t know what you don’t know; as the saying goes. Beyond cleansing data of Trojan viruses or unnecessary file duplicates, the very structure of data can play a part in its accessibility or utility. Professional assistance assures all is as it should be.

Neglecting to Make Any Provisions for Possible Rollback Scenarios

You should institute rollback infrastructure during data migration in the event mistakes are made, changes become necessary, or some other item requires migration to be halted, “rolled back”, and redone. Flexibility in data migration is key, rollback procedures facilitate as much.

Optimizing Data Migration

IT support in professionals in Long Island commonly see businesses eschew professional assistance, fail to cleanse data prior migration, and avoid instituting rollback infrastructure. The right tech people can help you apply all three best practices. Contact us at Total Technology Solutions to learn more.

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