October 14

Optimize Your Business and Safeguard Smartphone Infrastructure with IT Consulting in Long Island

Smartphones Are Core to Business; It’s Time to Properly Manage Them

IT consulting professionals in Long Island advise security, cloud computing solutions, antivirus protocols, patching, and remote management solutions. But all those things can be undermined by one poorly managed smartphone. Many businesses are dropping the ball here. Yours shouldn’t be one of them. Here, we’ll cover some smartphone management tactics worth considering.

Areas of Smartphone Management to Assure You Understand

Through an IT consultant in Long Island, you can determine where you’ve got holes in smartphone management, and what to do about them. A few places to start include the following:

Mitigating Theft, and Preparing for When Devices Are Lost

It helps to work with IT consulting professionals in Long Island to help you institute measures that control data and back it up in the event a phone is either stolen or lost, both of which eventualities your business will face eventually. Since the smartphone of yourself, or your staff, represents a mobile echelon of your on-site tech, you need to protect its data just as zealously.

Avoiding “Free” WiFi and Third-Party Software

There’s always some sort of catch to that which represents itself as “free”. This is especially true when it comes to WiFi. Often “free” WiFi rests on the lack of sophistication defining most smartphone users. It’s only “free” because it’s a vector for hackers to steal data.

Also, “free” or “cheap” third-party apps may include things like Trojan viruses which can hide in the background of your device’s operation until such time as hackers activate them.

Helping Employees Avoid Phishing “Bait”

An IT consultant in Long Island can apprise you and your staff as regards the latest phishing threats, through which ransomware is often introduced into networks. Smartphones are a new vector for such ransomware introduction, so keep staff updated through the right consultants at intervals.

Effective Smartphone Security

Our IT consulting team in Long Island can help you teach employees how to avoid phishing bait, avoid third-party software which may include compromising Trojans, keep clear of spurious WiFi, mitigate theft, and prepare against loss through device data backup. Get in touch with us at Total Technology Solutions for more information on proper smartphone security.

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