October 26

Dark Web Hackers Commonly Target Financial Resources of SMBs | IT Consulting on Long Island

Granted, dark web hackers target big businesses with notable frequency, but small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs) are also prime targets owing to their vulnerability. Working with IT consulting professionals on Long Island can help you both avoid being a target and recognize signs cybercrime may have impacted your business.

Tactics to Secure Your Business

Managed IT services providers on Long Island can examine your business, determine where you’re likely to have issues, help you patch up such vulnerable areas, and provide “future-proofing” solutions to keep you as safe as possible. Here are a few tactics for that sort of outcome:

Carefully Review Use of Business Funds

IT consulting experts on Long Island strongly advise that businesses should carefully review their spending on a daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly basis. There should be patterns; anomalies should always have explanations. Dark web hacking sometimes works through familiarization.

A small amount–maybe a dollar or two–is pulled from an account to test its security threshold. If no one notices the same “account” pulls a few more dollars out and continues to compound withdrawals until substantial resources are extracted. Watch for an anomalous activity like that or expenditures that have no easy explanation.

Contact Financial Institutions When Anomalous Behavior Is Seen

You want to keep records on unexpected anomalous activity, and you want to contact financial institutions to let them know what has happened. Many of them will remunerate you, up to a point. Frequency of anomalous incidents could cause problems, so catch these things early.

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Establish Strong Cybersecurity and Fortify Common Hacker Entries

Managed IT services providers on Long Island can help you establish strong security as regards firewalls and antivirus software. There are also email protections to consider. Often malware (especially in terms of ransomware) makes its way onto your network through email.

You need protocols in place so employees don’t incidentally compromise operations. Also, “sandboxing” can be a wise move. This is where files are opened in a digital “quarantine” or “sandbox” so they can be explored safely to ensure they don’t contain viruses that may impact your network or siphon data to a hacker on the dark web who will sell that information.

Avoiding Dark Web Risks

Total Technology Solutions can help you review funding to determine what anomalous behavior looks like and how to correct it. We can advise you on the best steps to take when such behavior is discovered, such as when to contact your financial institutions. Finally, we can help you establish a reliable cybersecurity policy to prevent future intrusions of this kind. Contact our IT consulting team on Long Island for more information.

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