October 27

Better Security Requires Identifying Vulnerable Spots | IT Consulting in Long Island

Having IT consulting in Long Island can help you strengthen common areas of vulnerability that often act as cybercriminal vectors for entry. Every business has different vulnerabilities, but there tend to be “open” areas in recurring regions even among very disparate businesses.

Regions of Vulnerability

You need to set up monitoring protocols around common areas of daily input. Areas to watch include the following:

Human Error and Malicious Internal Activity

There is a substantial amount of “human” activity, such as data entry, or calculation, that you properly monitor daily input. Beyond honest mistakes, such areas are likely to be ground zero to malicious activity of an internal kind.

Endpoints That Aren’t Properly Secure, And Third-Party Apps

Endpoints need to be secured, third-party apps should be avoided. If you can’t secure endpoints and you can’t totally restrict third-party apps, at bare minimum it’s important to monitor these areas. Strengthening them is better.

Backup That Isn’t Properly Adequate or Has Not Been Tested

IT consulting professionals in Long Island advise that you don’t just acquire backup solutions, but that you test those solutions at intervals to assure they still work. Sometimes data volumes or hardware breakdown undermines backup solutions that previously worked fine. You won’t know if you’re not regularly testing the backup solutions you’ve put into place.

Strengthening Known Vulnerabilities

Working with IT consulting professionals in Long Island can help you identify key areas of vulnerability you would do well to secure. General human error is likely, as is malicious internal activity; set up means of monitoring for such outcomes. Also, endpoints that aren’t secure are vectors for hackers. Third-party apps often act as “Trojans” for viruses.

Backups need to be examined for efficacy through testing. Find ways of monitoring these areas, and you’ll patch many vulnerabilities–but each business is different. To learn more about areas of weakness defining your particular business, get in touch with us at Total Technology Solutions. Our IT services specialists in Long Island are ready to assist you!

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